Welcome to Spring Lake Elementary School!

Quarter 2 Honor Roll

Congratulations Spring Lake students!!

Honor Roll

Brantley Purdy (4th Grade)

Cody Lettow (5th Grade)

Zoey Cloud (6th Grade)

Everett Moser (6th Grade)

Trenton Rassi (6th Grade)

Khloe Rivord (6th Grade)

Rachel Schaible (6th Grade)

Benjamin Weidner (6th Grade)

High Honor Roll

Ayla Stevens (4th Grade)

Alyvia Valentine (4th Grade)

Becca Weidner (4th Grade)

Mia Evans (5th Grade)

Paisley Honsman (5th Grade)

Drake Thomas (5th Grade)

Jaxson Flairty (6th Grade)

Senora Richardson (6th Grade)

Winter Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With the colder weather and our continued efforts to give students breaks from mask wearing, we will continue to take students outside as long as the temperature and wind chill permit us to. Please make sure you are sending your child(ren) to school with the appropriate winter gear (coat, hat, gloves, etc.) daily with the anticipation that we will also be outdoors for recess and PE. If you are in need of any of these items for your child(ren), please contact the office directly at (309)545-2241. In the event of snow/cold, we will abide by temperature/wind chill guidelines and continue to play outside. We recommend sending an extra pair of snow boots and/or pants to keep at school for these occasions. We appreciate your help in keeping outdoor play a priority in our school and your continued efforts in helping keep our students and staff safe!